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Take the Stress Out of Driving this Winter with Easytrip

Driving is something we usually do on autopilot – travelling the same roads, commuting to work, the supermarket or picking up the children. Motoring conditions can become more hazardous and pose more risks for motorists as the winter weather gets darker and colder. During this time of the year it pays to be more mindful on the roads so be sure to follow our easytrip winter-ready tips to keep you safe this season:

Check your tyres for any defects regularly and that your tyres are also at the correct tyre pressure before setting off this winter. If unsure, check your logbook for details on the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle.

Always use your dipped headlights while driving during the day to increase your visibility on the road. Use full beam headlights when driving in poorly lit areas or on rural roads and make sure to dip your headlights when there is oncoming traffic.

Any dirt on your windows can decrease visibility and increase the glare from other vehicles so make sure that all your car windows are clean and that your water levels are sufficient – don’t forget to check your side mirrors also.

Setting off
Never warm up your vehicle in an enclosed area, such as a garage, do so in an open space. It can be tempting in colder weather but the emissions can be harmful in a closed space.

Driving in icy conditions
When driving in winter conditions, having maximum control of your vehicle is key, so avoid using cruise control on any slippery surface such as ice or snow. If your vehicle does lose grip, it is advised that you steer into the skid, and avoid any sudden braking and make sure your ABS (anti-lock braking system) is activated on your vehicle.

Mindful driving
Be aware of other road users and pedestrians as they can be hard to see if they’re not wearing reflective gear, in particular cyclists and motorcyclists. Remember to leave adequate space between you and the vehicle in front to allow you to stop safely and leave a wider gap if driving in heavy rain, snow, fog or icy conditions.

Going the distance
If driving a long distance give yourself more time for your journey especially when driving in darkness and ensure that you take regular breaks.

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