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Hybrid models highlighted as preferred engine type for motorists for 241

Easytrip, Ireland’s leading smart mobility services specialist, has carried out research with 4,700 respondents to unearth the level of anticipated new car purchases for the 241-registration period, the factors impacting EVs sales and current motorist concerns. The survey highlighted that almost one in two drivers were interested in purchasing a hybrid model (up 14% on last year’s research). This was followed by 27% of motorists who were considering an electric vehicle, while 27% chose diesel and 14% selected petrol.


Factors impacting EV purchases

Respondents of the Easytrip survey were also asked about the factors impacting their decision to purchase an EV, which uncovered the top five as follows:

  1. Reduction in purchase cost of EVs
  2. Good public charging network
  3. Free installation of home EV charging points
  4. Increase in SEAI Electric Vehicle grant
  5. A government scrappage scheme for switching to electric


Concerns of Irish motorists

Everyday motoring can be stressful for many with the survey revealing the seven main concerns for drivers nationwide:

  1. Fuel prices increasing
  2. Poor road conditions
  3. Cost of car insurance
  4. Policing of traffic and traffic incidents
  5. Delays in NCT tests
  6. Car service costs
  7. Cost of motor tax


Colin Delaney CEO of Easytrip said: “Our research has unearthed a rise in interest of hybrid car models for the year ahead and this is echoed by the recent SIMI January new car sales figures**. This may be reflective of the main hesitations highlighted in our survey about the adoption to electric vehicles such as costs, infrastructure, and lack of government incentives. Regardless of where you may be on your EV journey, if you are considering a vehicle purchase this year, do your research to ensure you find a car that fits your lifestyle and ensure your Easytrip account is updated if buying or selling a car this year.”


Reminder to update Easytrip account

Easytrip is reminding customers who purchase or sell a vehicle during the 241-registration period to update their Easytrip account to avoid any unnecessary toll charges. Potential scenarios that can lead to paying unexpected toll charges include:

  • Buying a new vehicle: if a new vehicle is purchased and the toll tag has been transferred to a new vehicle but the motorist forgot to update their account details, there is a potential risk of receiving a toll bill (billed at the higher rate) and penalty charge if they’ve travelled through the M50 toll plaza – as the new vehicle registration is not connected to their toll tag account.
  • Selling a vehicle: if a motorist sold their vehicle and inadvertently left the tag in the vehicle and didn’t update their toll tag account, the new owner may continue to use their tag with billing going to the previous owner’s tag account.

Easytrip services include breakdown assistance, car wash, parking, puncture repair and motorway tolling. The Easytrip tag saves motorists €1.20 on the M50 toll fees. Visit www.easytrip.ie, download the Easytrip App or call 1890 67 67 68 for more information.