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Save 20% at Maxol car washes Monday to Friday

No codes needed. Just drive to the key pad and press the Easytrip button.

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How tag washing works

Simply drive to the key pad and press the easytrip button

Your tag will beep and you will see “Code Accepted” on the keypad screen.  Make sure to wait for the green light before driving on.

The Car Wash charge comes straight off your easytrip account credit

See how it works
easytrip car washing

Where does it work?

Car Wash works at all the below Maxol locations.
Keep an eye on this page for updates with more locations coming soon

Questions & Answers

Your top 8 car wash questions, answered!

No, there isn’t, it is completely free to have it on your tag and you will get a discount every time you use it. It is an option on the tag that can be used if a customer chooses; charges only apply when the service is used.

It is available to all cars and vans that fit in standard car washes.

The charge will process the same as a parking charge does, customers can check it themselves online on their account, and will show as “Car Wash” on their monthly statement.

We would recommend that you drive through, check whether the machine is out of order or not, call us if there is no issue with the machine, and always check your account online first to make sure there is enough credit in the account.

This varies by location, Maxol garage’s Car Wash close at 9pm sharp everyday.

As with all car washing systems, it is at owner’s risk, if there is damage, initially they would need to contact the company that owns the Car Wash machine – Washtec, or contact the Maxol garage straightaway, we are not liable for any damage to a car, we are offering a discount on car washes.

No, once there is enough credit in the account, you can get your car washed as often as you wish.

Yes, If a customer doesn’t want Car Wash, please contact us to restrict usage.

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