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Toll Tag Parking at
Dundrum Town Centre

No Tickets, No Cash,
No Queues and No Hassle

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Easy Parking | Dundrum Centre

You can now use your tag to park in Dundrum Town Centre. Just rock up to the barrier and it will lift automatically. The same will happen on your way out. No need to take a ticket or go to the pay machine.

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Questions & Answers

Your top 5 parking questions, answered!

Approach the entrance slowly in order to allow your tag to read. If the parking service is enabled on your tag, your tag is correctly installed on the windscreen and your account is in credit, the barrier will lift and you may proceed. There is no need to take a ticket.

It is important that you follow the instructions below:

  • Do not wave your tag by holding it in your hand.
  • On exiting the car park do not proceed past the ticket machine until the barrier has lifted
  • Do not tailgate the vehicle in front

If you take a ticket then your Easytrip transaction will be automatically cancelled and your account will not be charged. You will have to pay for your parking at the ticket machine before you leave the car park.

Your tag beeps to indicate that your tag can be used to automatically pay car parking charges in that car park, once activated. If you have any questions in relation to your tag beeping in the car park please Contact Us.

Yes, all car parks that accept easytrip will have signage to indicate that easytrip tags are accepted as payment.

In the unlikely event that your easytrip tag does not read at the entrance please check the following:

  • Is your tag correctly installed?
  • Do you have sufficient credit on your account?
  • Have you activated car parking on your tag?

If the barrier does not lift at the exit but it lifted at the entrance, you will need to press the intercom button to inform the parking host. You will have to quote your tag number which you can find underneath the bar code on your tag. Please do not leave the car park without giving the parking host your tag number.

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