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Cover lost, stolen or damaged keys

A super simple peace of mind product that covers you if you lose or damage your keys.

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We cover every make and model

Keycare Cover

Easytrip Keycare

Let’s face it, losing your car or house keys is a massive pain, so for only €1.99 a month. Keycare covers the replacement of your lost/stolen keys up to €1,500, with unlimited claims up to this amount and no excess. They also cover damaged or broken keys up to €100.

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Keycare Benefits

If your keys are covered under your motor insurance, it will more than likely affect your no claims bonus if you make a claim. With Keycare, it will have no effect on your no claims bonus!

Call Out Assistance anywhere in Ireland. Keycare have a network of locksmiths providing nationwide coverage. Keycare also covers onward travel up to €100 and car rental up to €50/day for 3 days.

Keycare have a 24-hour helpline. Call at any time, there will always be someone to help.

Questions & Answers

Your top Key Care questions, answered!

If you have a car that’s less than 15 years old, chances are you have an electric fob key. These are expensive to replace, with the average cost of the replacement being €300 to the more expensive replacement of up to €1000. Keycare provides peace of mind that if you lose or damage your keys, you’ll be covered for the cost of replacement.

Your policy covers any key subject to meeting the criteria of the T&Cs under the definitions below:

Insured event: The loss or theft of any Insured Key, broken key or any Insured Key locked inside Your home or vehicle during the Period of Insurance.

Insured key: Any car key which belongs to the policyholder. Proof of ownership required. Any other keys which belong to the policyholder or are registered at the policyholder’s address.

You/Your: The Policyholder, any Immediate Member of the Policyholder’s family permanently living with the Policyholder at the same address as the Policyholder during the Period of Insurance and any named driver on the Policyholder’s car insurance. Where the Policyholder is a company this includes employees of the company, employed by the company during the Period of Insurance, who are authorised to use the relevant car or property.

Contact Keycare support’s 24/7 helpline immediately on
01 506 0365.

Keycare allows 48 hours to pass for keys to be found or returned before beginning the replacement process.

The annual limit of indemnity is €1,500. Customers can make unlimited claims in a year up to this amount.

Nothing! Keycare has zero excess fees, so the full amount up to €1,500 will be covered under your policy.

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