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DKV Fuel Card: Simply Spend Wiser!

Efficient, flexible, and pocket friendly fueling for you and your business across Ireland, UK and Europe.

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Works at all major services stations – Circle K, Maxol, Texaco and beyond.

Perfect for national or international fleets, it’s refueling made easy!

DKV Fuel Card Ireland

Easy Payment

Vehicle washing, parking, breakdown assistance, tolls and much more.

Easy Bookkeeping

Invoices ready to give to your tax adviser, no piles of receipts.

Map Your Journey!

With cockpit you can plan your journey and fuel stations at en route.

More Than...

You can use the DKV card to fuel, but also for Ad Blue and car washing.

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Security and other services with the DKV card.

Once you have register, you can log into the Cockpit where you can play your journey and plan what stations to fuel at en route. Our comprehensive online service makes it easy to find the nearest DKV Mobility station. Its integrated route planner also contains toll calculator for all Europe.

More liquidity, cost control and transparency through fast VAT refunds.

Whether it is reporting, route planning, market price developments or data integration – with mobility online services you have your transport business under control all around the clock!

Enjoy better planning certainty with the diesel price tools, which allow you to keep an eye on current prices and refuel cheaply.

Find the nearest DKV Mobility service station in your area with DKV Maps.

DKV Copilot Route Planner

The fuel card works in almost all service stations in Ireland including Circle K, Maxol, Texaco and more.


DKV Fuel Card Application

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Easier Pricing

Easy transparent pricing, know where you’re money goes

Pricing Breakdown

Service Centre Team

Here to ensure every journey you make is an easy one

Service Centre

Questions & Answers

Your top 5 Fuel Card questions, answered!

You can use you card all over Ireland in all the major stations including, Circle K, Maxol, Texaco and more.

Yes, your fuel card works in the UK and all over Europe.

We will send you a bill at the end of the billing period outlining your outstanding amounts.

On average you should expect to save up to 10c per litre.

Of course, our business team are available at 0818 67 67 69.

It’s easy to get started

And it’s free. Two things everyone loves

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