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Nissan LEAF charges ahead as Ireland’s best-selling EV

The Nissan LEAF is Ireland’s best-selling electric vehicle and the undisputed leader in its segment with 532 new car buyers making it their car of choice during the first three months of the 191 sales period.

The result underlines a massive surge in demand for the Nissan LEAF at a time when the number of electric car registrations in Ireland this year have already surpassed the total number of EVs registered for the whole of 2018.

Nissan has now sold four times as many Nissan LEAF cars as it did during the same sales period last year with sales increasing from 105 units to 532 units year-on-year to account for a staggering 406% increase in sales.

The popularity of the Nissan LEAF is also underscored by the fact that is now the best-selling electric vehicle across sixteen counties including counties Cork, Clare, Carlow, Donegal, Galway, Kildare, Kerry, Limerick, Louth, Laois, Monaghan, Mayo, Offaly, Sligo, Waterford and Wexford.

Astonishing Demand

“The demand for the Nissan LEAF throughout the first three months of the year has been astonishing. Motorists are making the switch to zero emissions EV driving and the Nissan LEAF is clearly their car of choice,” said James McCarthy, CEO of Nissan Ireland.

“Nissan dealers sold 789 Nissan LEAFs in 2018. They are on track to eclipse that record over the coming months because the Nissan LEAF is an all-round winner for families who want to reduce their carbon footprint and to save the environment by making the switch to electric driving,” he added.

“The exceptional demand for Nissan LEAF is being driven by a number of factors. Customers recognise the value that driving LEAF offers but the spacious interior and ample boot space have made it easy for families to make the switch to EV and to continue to enjoy driving a car that meets all of their needs as a family,” said Mr McCarthy.

“The increased range of the new Nissan LEAF and the fact that it is 100% electric has given consumers the confidence to look beyond driving a conventional car or hybrid. There is a growing awareness that the car can save them money and that they are a least €2,000 a year better off for driving one, which is a huge saving for any family,” he continued.

The soon to be launched new 62kWh Nissan LEAF is certain to attract even more attention from consumers with the new model delivering up to 385 kilometres of zero emissions driving on a single charge.

In addition to higher battery capacity, the new Nissan LEAF will continue to offer dynamic new styling and advanced technologies including Pro PILOT and the Nissan e-Pedal function, which allows drivers to start from a standstill, accelerate and brake and even bring the car to a controlled stop by using the throttle pedal.


The success of the Nissan LEAF mirrors the sales trajectory and success of the Nissan Qashqai as Ireland’s best-selling cross-over of all time having sold over 50,000 units since its launch just over 10 years ago.

The Nissan Qashqai was also Ireland’s best-selling car during the first three months of the 191 sales period in counties Dublin, Cavan, Clare, Galway, Limerick, Louth, Offaly and Roscommon.

2,460 new buyers have made it their car of choice this year, reinforcing its position as an undisputed leader in its segment.