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The faster you speed, the bigger the fine under new law

Penalties for motorists caught speeding will be determined by how fast they are caught driving under a proposed law to be considered by the Government today.

Transport Minister Shane Ross is expected to bring an outline of the new law, the Road Traffic Bill 2018, to Cabinet.

Under the current law all speeding motorists face the same penalties no matter how fast they are travelling when caught.

Speeding results in a fine of €80 and three penalty points under the existing system.

Non-payment can see offenders brought to court where they automatically get five penalty points on conviction and a fine of up to €1,000.

The new bill will see penalties for speeding divided into bands with increased penalties determined by the bands and more serious offenders are to receive more serious penalties.

It is understood that some of the penalties under the proposed law are still under consideration.

But one example of an increased penalty is motorists who are caught traveling between 10 and 20kmh over the limit would be fined €150 and get four penalty points.

The Irish Independent has also learned the bill includes provisions for variable speed limits in a bid to ease traffic flow on major roads and allow for different speeds, depending on weather conditions.

If approved by ministers, the bill is to be formally drafted.

Mr Ross last month said that he would be bringing the proposed law to Cabinet within weeks.