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Tesla Model S And Model X To Get Interior, Motor Upgrades

Tesla Inc. is said to be considering a more extensive upgrade to its older Model S and X electric vehicles (EVs), whose sales have suffered significantly since the market debut of the newer Model S luxury executive sedan in 2017.

The Model S, an all-electric five-door liftback, was introduced in 2012 while the Model X, a mid-size all-electric luxury crossover utility vehicle, was introduced in 2015. The Model 3 lorded over Tesla EV sales in the first quarter of this year with sales of 24,003 vehicles. In contrast, 3,200 Model S were sold and 3,000 Model X.

The three Tesla models combined accounted for 75 percent of the U.S. EV market in Q1.

Tesla seems to be planning a full powertrain update for the Model S and X along with a refresh of both model’s interior design. Tesla is now said to be working to develop newer Model S and X EVs with the same battery architecture based on the 2170 battery cells powering the Model 3, said Electrek.

Equipping the Model S and X with the 2170 battery architecture will enable these EVs to achieve the same max charge rate as Model 3. Attaining this will also allow the Model S and X to use the new Supercharger V3, which is currently exclusive to the Model 3.

Analysts have said the launch of Supercharger V3 made the Model S and X a lot less appealing to buyers, which couldn’t use this system.

They said it remains unclear what kind of battery pack capacity might equip the new production Model S and X, but this is expected to be higher than the current 100 kWh top capacity. The Model 3 has a 250 kWh top charge rate.

The new software includes code to handle CCS (combined charging system) for the Model S and X. This cability is available to Model 3s sold in Europe.

This hardware upgrade might be released as early as June.