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Mobility solutions specialist, easytrip, Ireland’s only electronic parking and tolling tag provider, has revealed that tailgating is the most annoying driving habit for one in five motorists. This trait was followed by mobile phone use (20%), driving too slowly (16%) and in contrast driving too fast (11%) for other drivers.

Top items for road trip

Making a road trip comfortable means having the right items on board and over 37% of the respondents to the easytrip survey selected the mobile phone charger to top the list. Other items in the top five included:

  • Sat Nav or GPS device – 21%
  • Music playlist – 12%
  • Snacks and drinks – 10%
  • Map of Ireland (hardcopy) – 5%

Ideal passenger for road trip

Heading on a road trip is a great way to spend time with friends and family but who would we really like as a passenger? The easytrip research revealed the following as the most popular passengers:

  1. Tommy Tiernan (Comedian) – 21%
  2. Rob Kearney (Irish rugby player) – 9%
  3. Aisling Bea (Comedian) – 8%
  4. Rory McIIroy (Professional golfer) – 7%
  5. Miriam O’Callaghan (TV / Radio presenter) – 6%

Most popular counties for road trip

Respondents to the research who are travelling this October bank holiday highlighted the following as the most popular counties that will be visited over the weekend – Dublin; Cork; Galway; Kerry; Donegal.

Commenting on the research Colin Delaney, CEO of easytrip said: “Tailgating being revealed as the most annoying driver trait is concerning. Motorists need to be more aware and courteous on the road and keep the legal distance from the car in front. Likewise seeing mobile phone use continue to be an issue is worrying as it is illegal whilst driving and a dangerous habit. We’d urge motorist to drive safer and be more considerate of other drivers, to keep your distance, pull over in a safe area if you need to use a mobile phone and to give enough time to get to your destination.”

Easytrip offer a range of services to motorists including Breakdown Assistance and Puncture Protect, as well as the easytrip Car WashParking and Tolling service with the use of the easytrip electronic tag. For more information log onto www.easytrip.ie or call 1890 67 67 68.