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More than 9,400 cars recalled in Ireland by Toyota, Honda and Hyundai

Toyota, Honda and Hyundai are recalling 9,485 cars, in total, which were sold in Ireland.

The recalls, which were issued on Wednesday relate to different issues in the cars being recalled by the individual brands.


Toyota are recalling a number of cars including Starlets, Yaris, Rav 4, Celica and Tervel/Paseo models which were manufactured between December, 1997 and August, 1999.

The recall notes that in the front driver’s airbag ‘the propellant in some of the involved inflators may absorb moisture over time, which Takata believes is related to the foil seal of the inflator’.

The absorption of moisture into the propellant over time could lead to slow deployment or inflator rupture in situations where the airbags are commanded to deploy.

‘The potential for such abnormal deployment scenarios to occur may require or be exacerbated by other factors and variables beyond propellant moisture absorption and are not yet fully understood by Takata or Toyota.

‘If an abnormal deployment of the driver airbag occurs, this could increase the risk of injury in the event of a crash. The likelihood of such an occurrence in the subject vehicles is unknown, but, out of an abundance of caution, Toyota is submitting this report.’

For more information on how to contact Toyota, and for a full breakdown of the 4,442 vehicles affected, you can check here.


Universal Honda Limited is also carrying out a recall of certain models of its Honda HR-V, CR-V and Civic passenger vehicles.

The affected vehicles were manufactured between February 2015 and May 2018, and all have a fault which means that the cars don’t meet emission regulatory standards.

The recall reads: ‘The safety issue identified, is that during repeated acceleration/deceleration, the emissions control system in the diesel Engine Control Unit (ECU) is unable to prevent sulphur accumulation on the catalyst surface due to lack of robustness of the engine control software.

‘This reduces the purification performance of nitrogen oxides (NOx). Therefore, it does not satisfy the regulatory requirement for emissions levels.’

Toyota Honda and Hyundai

The recall affects 2266 vehicles in the Republic of Ireland and contact information for Honda can be found here.


Hyundai Cars Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall on certain Hyundai i30 (FD) passenger vehicles, which were were produced from May 3, 2007 to May 8, 2012.

This recall notes: ‘A safety issue has been identified whereby, the calibration setting of the ACU for airbag deployment was insufficient.

Toyota Honda and Hyundai

‘In the event of an impact on the lower part of the vehicle body where the ACU is located, the airbag may be deployed in a situation other than the deployment condition.’

In the Republic of Ireland, 2,777 are affected by this recall campaign and more information about contact for Hyundai can be found here.