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Maxol launches easyWash car wash solution

Maxol has launched easyWash, a new innovation aimed at saving time and money for its customers. EasyWash is a drive-in “car wash solution” for customers keen to keep their vehicles in pristine condition on the road at all times. The easyWash service allows Maxol customers to use the in-car easyTrip tag at participating stores to access the car wash without getting out of their vehicle. To sweeten the deal, customers will receive a 20% discount on maxWash car wash between Monday and Friday.

When using the easyWash tag, provided by tech solutions specialist Easytrip, the car wash fee is automatically deducted from the tag holder’s account. easyWash is currently available at 17 Maxol sites and will be rolled out to over 30 sites by the end of the year.

Maxol CEO, Brian Donaldson said that as always, Maxol’s objective with the new offering is “making life that little bit simpler for customers.

“This digital payment solution from Easytrip achieves that,” Donaldson said. “It’s the little things that make a difference to our customers, and helping them to keep their cars in top notch condition is part of our array of services for people that are pressed for time but still want to maintain quality in their lives.

“We are delighted to partner with Easytrip,” he added, “which uses the latest payment technology to give back time and create a hassle-free solution for our customers.”

Easytrip CEO Colin Delaney, said that research shows Irish people like to look after their vehicles, and the easyWash service provides that, with added technological convenience. “Ireland is becoming a cashless society and our service compliments this very well,” Delaney said. ” Our tags can be used to park at over 30 car parks nationwide, travel through toll plazas, and now wash your vehicle – all cash-free, with no need to look for change or get out of your vehicle to pay.

“For us it’s about making motoring easier and less complicated for drivers,” he added. For more details visit www.easytrip.ie/easywash or www.maxol.ie .