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Easytrip survey unearths motorists’ biggest frustrations on the road

  • Seeing other motorists using mobile phone while driving irritates one in five drivers
  • Not cleaning car seen as most annoying trait in partner

13 December 2022 – As Christmas approaches and many drivers take to the road for the Christmas shop or trip home for the festive break, mobility solutions and payment specialist, Easytrip, Ireland’s leading electronic parking and tolling tag provider, is urging motorists to be considerate of other road users. Easytrip has unearthed what annoys motorists about other drivers including their partner in a recent survey of 6,000 respondents.


What annoys us most about other motorists

Many motorists can have strong opinions about other road users’ behaviour from time to time and what frustrates them the most while out driving. These frustrations were revealed in the recent Easytrip survey, with Ireland’s top five being:


  1. Using mobile phone while driving (21%)
  2. Not using indicators (17%)
  3. Driving too close to other cars (12%)
  4. Not using a roundabout correctly (10%)
  5. Not adhering to the speed limit (6%)

Other annoyances for drivers include motorists who sit in the yellow box, change lanes too frequently, break red lights or fail to obey requirements at a junction.


‘Pet peeves’ about partners driving

While other motorists driving behaviour can cause frustration, those that are close family members can annoy them even further and respondents to the survey didn’t hold back. The top five peeves were uncovered as:


  1. Not cleaning the car (20%)
  2. Thinking they are the better driver (19%)
  3. Drives too slowly (12%)
  4. Shouts at other drivers (6%)
  5. Does not follow directions (4%)

Also uncovered on the list were partners who play music too loud, use mobile phone while driving and those that don’t follow the rules of the road.


Concern for other road users

Sharing the road means being considerate of all road users and not just motorists. When respondents were asked who concerns them the most on the road in terms of their behaviour cyclists topped the list, followed by e-scooters and other motorists.


Colin Delaney CEO of Easytrip said: “Being courteous on the road is important all year round and especially at Christmas. We conducted our research to unearth what frustrates drivers the most so that all motorists can consider their behaviour and how it could be improved for everyone’s benefit. Not only is it important from a safety perspective but from a wellbeing one too as it helps reduce stress levels for all road users at this time of year.”


Easytrip services include breakdown assistance, puncture repair, parking and car wash. The Easytrip tag also facilitates ease of toll payments for drivers with users saving €1 on the M50 toll fees. For more details visit www.easytrip.ie , download the Easytrip App or call 1890 67 67 68.