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A reminder of the average speed cameras in Dublin Port Tunnel

Frequent users of the Dublin Port Tunnel will be aware of the new average speed cameras that were installed and came into effect in June of this year. The cameras are installed at the entrance and exit to the tunnel and calculate the time that each vehicle takes to drive through the tunnel. Vehicles that travel through the tunnel in less than three-and-a-half minutes or have been identified to have exceeded the speed limit will automatically be generated with a fixed charge penalty notice.

Traffic levels have increased in the Dublin Port Tunnel by 40% over the last five years resulting in the potential for an increase in collisions and accidents so we want to remind our customers to remain within the speed limit of 80km and drive safely through the tunnel at all times.   Fixed charge for a speed fine is currently €80 and 3 penalty points.

If you have any queries on this or our easytolling service please give us a call on 1890 67 67 68. For more information on our easytolling click here.