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Road trip advice this May Bank Holiday

Easytrip, Ireland’s only multipurpose toll tag provider, is advising motorists to take it easy on the roads this May Bank Holiday as people travel for the long weekend.

By taking a few basic precautions drivers can prepare in advance to make sure their vehicle is in working order and reduce the risk of a breakdown or accident. Simple checks that help avoid breakdowns include:

  • Check the basics: this includes oil, water, coolant / anti-freeze and fuel levels. Make sure they are at the optimal levels before setting off and use screen wash to help maintain a clean windscreen. If you have an electric vehicle, ensure your vehicle is fully charged before you leave and don’t forget your re-charge cable.
  • Check the lights: ensure that all your vehicle lights are working correctly and are clear of debris.
  • Check your breakdown cover: inspect your insurance policy to see if its included. Not all insurance policies have breakdown cover so if it’s not listed as an option make sure you get the right breakdown assistance cover that you need in advance of your trip.
  • Check the tyres: make sure all tyres (including the spare) are at the right level for your vehicle. Include an inspection on the condition of the tyres also including tread depth and checks for any bulges or tears.
  • Avoid congested roads: where you can plan your trip to avoid congested roads or dangerous areas and select a time to depart that minimizes disruption. If you do get stuck in traffic, be patient. For electric vehicle owners ensure you plot out your recharge stops in advance, allowing time should other motorists be at the charge point when you arrive to it, and have alternative recharge options in place.

Colin Delaney, CEO of easytrip said: “Extra traffic on the roads this bank holiday weekend can increase the chance of a breakdown or accident. So, if you’re planning a trip please make sure that you are prepared and take extra care while driving. By checking that your car is working properly and that you have the adequate breakdown cover you can avoid a situation that may cause a delay and run your trip away.”

Easytrip offer a range of services to motorists including breakdown assistance with easyAssist, Puncture Protect, as well as easyParking and tolling with the use of the easytrip electronic tag. For more information visit www.easytrip.ie or call 1890 67 67 68.