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Why add parking to your easytrip account?

Our easyParking service offers hassle-free and cashless access to Ireland’s major car parks. Here are the reason why you should add it to your easytrip account:

    1. Convenience – our network of 25 car parks are available nationwide and cover Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.


    1. One bill – your easytrip tag is scanned on entering and exiting the car park and your parking bill is automatically added to your monthly easytrip bill. It records each transaction by date, location, time and duration.


    1. Safety – car parks have ample parking spaces, security for your vehicle and good lighting at night time meaning you and your vehicle are safe.


    1. Less hassle – there’s over 11,000 parking spaces across 25 car parks nationwide so less hassle in finding a parking spot for your vehicle.


    1. No change, no problem – there’s no need to look for cash or change, or worry about a lost or damaged parking ticket as you don’t even have to go to a pay station to pay for your parking.


    1. No need to pre-book – we offer parking at QuickPark Dublin airport also with no need to pre-book. One less thing to worry about when you’re heading abroad this summer!


    1. Save time – it gets you into and out of the car park faster meaning you get to spend time on what matters most.


For more information visit www.easytrip.ie/parking/ or to sign up call 1890 67 67 68 or log onto your easytrip account at www.easytrip.ie.