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#winterdriving: Research reveals most stressful winter driving conditions

Driving at this time of the year can prove a challenge for even the most capable of drivers – our research revealed the following top winter driving bugbears:

  1. Driving on icy roads
  2. Poor visibility of cyclists on roads
  3. Glare from other drivers’ headlights
  4. Driving in the dark due to shorter evenings
  5. Defrosting car windows
  6. Driving in heavy rain
  7. Driving in fog
  8. Increased traffic on roads

No matter how far or near you’re driving this Christmas to get home be sure to take your time and stay safe on the roads with our handy winter driving checklist:

  1. Check and change car tyres
  2. Top up coolant / anti-freeze
  3. Top up water levels
  4. Check oil levels
  5. Check windscreen wipers and blade conditions
  6. Book in car service

Our last edition highlighted winter driving tips which we hope you found helpful in getting you prepared for the winter driving period. You can view the full list here.

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