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Save €1 on every M50 toll journey

Your Easytrip toll tag is a cheaper, hassle-free way of crossing the M50 toll

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The easiest way to manage your M50 toll payments

Your toll tag also covers all tolls nationwide

App - Account Control

Access all your journey details and statements with one click


No more hassle of carrying cash or using cards any longer

Nationwide Coverage

Your tag will cover all the toll roads in Ireland, including the barrier-free M50 toll

Additional Uses

Unlike other tags, use your easytrip tag for parking, car washes and travel support

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How the toll tag works

Drive through the M50 toll in any lane as usual

Your tag will beep when successfully read.

The toll amount comes straight out of your Easytrip Account. No need to pay online or in a shop afterwards

When your account reaches a certain low balance level, it will top up automatically with your agreed amount (e.g when it reaches €6, it can top up by €20).

Once your account is topped up, every toll barrier in Ireland will automatically lift for you.

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Our tag works on all national routes

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Easier Pricing

Easy transparent pricing, know where you’re money goes

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Here to ensure every journey you make is an easy one

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Questions & Answers

Your top 5 toll tag questions, answered!

When you get to the toll, drive through as you normally would in any lane. Your tag will beep and the charge will come off your Easytrip account

On the M50 toll if your tag fails to read, your vehicle registration will be used to identify your vehicle as an Easytrip customer. Therefore, it is very important to have the correct vehicle details assigned to your tag. If your tag fails to read, please contact us.

Tags may not work due to a variety of reasons:

  • Insufficient funds in your account.
  • Vehicle details may be incorrect, or may not have been updated.
  • Battery failure in tag, in which case your tag may need to be replaced.
  • System failure at plaza

To minimise the risk of your tag not reading:

  • Approach the toll slowly.
  • Make sure the registration number is up to date on your account.
  • Make sure your tag is positioned correctly.
  • Do not wave your tag when approaching the barrier
  • Obey the speed limits on approach to the Toll plazas.
  • Ensure you are not too close to the vehicle in front of you

No. All of your payments will be processed through your Easytrip account.

Your Easytrip toll tag will work on all toll roads in Ireland. You can also use it for parking and car washing in selection locations. Check out parking locations here and car washing locations here!

You’ll save €1 on every M50 journey using your Easytrip toll tag.

It’s easy to get started

And it’s free. Two things everyone loves

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