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Attention Motorists

As part of restricting the spread of COVID-19, motorists are being encouraged to switch to using a toll tag, lessening the need to cash handling at the toll plazas.

To help, Easytrip are giving motorists moving from cash to a toll tag, €10 free credit.

At the toll plazas, the tag will beep and the barrier will lift for you. Payment will happen electronically in the background.  Without having to stop, roll the window down or handle cash, this provides a safer means to travel through toll plazas both now and the future.

To register for this initiative, click the button below and enter NOCASH in the code field.

We are all in this crisis together and like everyone else, Easytrip want to contribute our bit to help everyone get through this period.

Thanks and take care,

The Easytrip Team

*new customers only. Monthly admin fee of €1.23 per month applies.

Safer for You

Safer for Everyone