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Customer Portal
To Add new/existing tag and Registration ?
Step 1: Log in – Use your account number/email address & password

Step 2: Click add vehicle

Step 3: Enter reg, then press find vehicle and then add vehicle.

Step 4: Press request new tag or connect tag if you already have an existing tag that was disconnected.

To Change a Vehicle ?
Step 1: Log in – Use your account number/email address & password

Step 2: Click Change vehicle and then select the vehicle you want to change.

Step 3: Enter registration of your new vehicle and click find vehicle.

Step 4: Then press Change vehicle.

To remove/Disconnect a tag ?
Step 1: Log in – Use your account number/email address & password

Step 2: Click Vehicles and then disconnect tag.

Step 3: Once you have disconnected the tag, The tag will show up in the Unassigned tag list

To make a top up ?
Step 1: Log in – Use your account number/email address & password

Step 2: Click top up account.

Step 3: Enter Payment details and top up amount.

Step 4: Click top up.

To add a product ?
Step 1: Log in – Use your account number/email address & password

Step 2: Click on vehicles and then select the vehicle you want to add the product to.

Step 3: Select product (e.g. parking), tick the box that says add this product.

Step 4: Press add this product and then the product will show in green on the vehicle saying product active.

Statements & Payments ?
Step 1: Log in – Use your account number/email address & password

Step 2: Click on statements and Payments.

Step 3: Select the month.

Step 4: Press the blue PDF symbol beside the month and the statement will then open up.

Step 5: To view Payment history click view payment history at the top of the page and then this show you all your payment transactions.

Journeys & Transactions ?
Step 1: Log in – Use your account number/email address & password

Step 2: Click on Journey & Transaction.

Step 3: Select date and the service that you want to view e.g. Parking or Car wash.

Step 4: Then Click on the transaction that you want view.

Step 5: You will then have the option to send email Receipt of this transaction.

Update Account details ?
Step 1: Log in – Use your account number/email address & password

Step 2: Click Account details.

Step 3: Enter new details and the press save changes.

What is a low balance level ?
Low balance level is basically the ‘credit level’ of your account that triggers an automatic top up. So that you do not incur any fines or penalties.
You are free to choose this ‘sum’ based on your usage.
For instance, if your chosen low balance level is €10. Every time your accounts hits €10, it will be automatically topped up by the ‘top up’ amount specified by you.
What are my account choices?
We have two different account choices:
Private Accounts: These are for those wishing to use a tag or tags on their cars or light goods vehicles.
Business Accounts: These are for those wishing to use a tag or tags on all vehicle types (classes 2 – 8).

You also have an option of purchasing or hiring your tag.

What is the cost ?

Fees vary from toll roads to car parks. For a detailed list of fees please refer to the PDF download below.

Schedule Of Fees

Can I cancel my easytrip account ?
If you wish to close your account please call us on 1890 67 67 68.
What do I do if I have received a STR letter ?
If you are a customer of easytrip and have received a STR Letter from Eflow, please contact us immediately.
Account & Online Access
How can I access my account online ?
Log onto www.easytrip.ie and sign in to your account using your account number and password.

In case you want to request a password or reset your password, please contact us and we will set you up with one straight away.

What can I do through my online account ?
From your online account you will be able to:

  1. View balance and payments.
  2. View your recent transactions.
  3. Request additional tag(s) and additional services on your tag(s).
  4. Mark a tag if it has been lost or stolen.
  5. Change or update your vehicle details.
  6. Update your personal details.
  7. Download a statement and transaction history.
  8. Download documents and guides.
What information do I need to keep updated and why ?
In addition to your vehicle details, your email and contact number should be updated as we will send you alerts advising you when:

  1. Your payment has failed (please note there is a €8.61 charge for DD rejection).
  2. Your monthly statement is available to view.
  3. Your account has been suspended.
  4. Your credit card is about to expire.
  5. Your low balance has been reached (optional on request).

You can also opt in to receive our latest news and special offers.

When will I get an account statement ?
At the beginning of each calendar month your statement is available to be downloaded from your online account. It will also be emailed to you each month.

If you want to receive your statement by post, please contact us.

Car Parks
What should I do when I get to the car park?
Approach the entrance slowly in order to allow your tag to read. If the parking service is enabled on your tag, your tag’s correctly installed on the windscreen and your account is in credit, the barrier will lift and you may proceed. There is no need to take a ticket. It is important that you follow the instructions below:

  1. Do not wave your tag by holding it in your hand.
  2. On exiting the car park do not proceed past the ticket machine until the barrier has lifted.
  3. Do not tailgate the vehicle in front.
What happens if I take a ticket at the entrance?
If you take a ticket then your easytrip transaction will be automatically cancelled and your account will not be charged. You will have to pay for your parking at the ticket machine before you leave the car park.
Why does my tag beep at the entrance of the car park?
Your tag beeps to indicate that your tag, once activated, can be used to automatically pay car parking charges in the specific car park. If you have any questions in relation to your tag beeping in the car park please contact us.
Will I see easytrip signage at the car park?
Yes, all car parks that accept easytrip will have signage to indicate that easytrip tags are accepted as payment.
What happens if the barrier does not lift on entering the car park?
In the unlikely event that your easytrip tag does not read at the entrance please check the following:

  1. Is your tag correctly installed?
  2. Do you have sufficient credit on your account?
  3. Have you enabled car parking on your tag?
What happens if the barrier does not lift on exiting the car park?
If the barrier does not lift at exit but, it lifted at entrance, you will need to press the intercom button to inform the parking host. You will have to quote your tag number which you can find underneath the bar code on your tag. Please do not leave the car park without giving the parking host your tag number.
How do I make my first payment?
Your first payment consists of your top up amount plus the price of each tag (this only applies if you have chosen to purchase your tag). The top up amount is the credit which will be put onto your account. You can pay by credit card, debit card or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Easytrip Services Ltd.
What should my automatic top up be?
We recommend that you specify a top up amount that realistically equates to your monthly toll/car park usage. Calculate your average monthly usage as follows:
Toll/car Park fee x Number of trips per week x Number of weeks per month = Average monthly usage.
How do I choose my low balance level?
Low balance level is basically the ‘credit level’ of your account that triggers an automatic top up. So that you do not incur any fines or penalties.
You are free to choose this ‘sum’ based on your usage.

For instance, if your chosen low balance level is €10. Every time your accounts hits this amount, it will be automatically topped up by the top up amount specified by you.

You should choose an amount that will allow you at least one day’s tolling and/or parking.

How do I keep my account in credit with a prepaid account?
When you open your account you simply set up a direct debit either by bank mandate, credit or debit card. Choose the amount of credit you wish to add to your account.

When you reach your low balance level, your account is automatically topped up by the agreed amount from your chosen method.

How do I receive my tag?
Your tag will be posted to you in a sealed anti-static bag with an installation guide and your account information. We advise you to keep your anti-static bag, should you wish to remove your tag, gently slip it off the holder and seal in bag to avoid reads.
Where do I install my tag?
Fix it to the inside of your windscreen using the adhesive strip provided.

For cars and vans, the tag should be mounted on the centre top of the windscreen, behind the rear view mirror.

For vehicles equipped with a Moisture Sensor Windscreen, it is important that you place your tag on the black dots that are located behind or around your rear view mirror.

For commercial vehicles, the tag should be mounted on the centre bottom of the windscreen.

Why should I install my tag on the windscreen?
It is important that you install your tag correctly on the windscreen of your vehicle to ensure that it is detected by the electronic system at the toll plazas or car parks. If you wave your tag or don’t install your tag correctly on the windscreen, your tag may not be read at the toll roads or car parks.

Tags cannot be read through metal, and in the majority of vehicles there are moisture controlled windscreens. This means that metal is in your windscreen to prevent condensation building up on it. On most windscreens there is an area of black dots under the rear view mirror. This is the only area that there is no metal. Your tag should be installed on this black dot area.

Optionally you should check your car manual for any other exceptional instructions than recommended by easytrip.

What should I do if my tag won't work?
Please contact us if you are experiencing any difficulties with your tag.
What should I do if my tag is lost or stolen?
If your tag is lost or stolen please contact us immediately, you are responsible for all charges on your account up to the time of notification. Once notified, your tag will be suspended.

Outside office hours you can mark your tag as lost by logging onto your online account using your account number and password.

Please note that there is a charge of €15.25 (VAT. Incl) for hired tags only, if your tag is lost or stolen.

If your tag is recovered and returned to us in good working order within 21 days, we will refund the full amount (of €15.25) to your account.

If you purchased your tag, there is no lost/stolen tag fee however, if you need a replacement tag, you will have to purchase a new tag for €25.

Toll Plazas
What should I do when I get to the toll plaza?
Follow the signs displaying the etoll symbol and proceed to the barrier. easytrip tags are accepted in all lanes on all toll roads.
What happens if my tag does not work?
As we do not operate the toll plazas, should your tag fail to scan, you will fall under the policy of the plaza operator and be asked to pay by other means such as cash or credit card.

To minimise the risk of your tag not reading :

  1. Approach the toll barrier slowly.
  2. Make sure your tag has a proper holder and is positioned correctly.
  3. Do not wave your tag when approaching the barrier.

On the M50 if your tag fails to read, your vehicle registration will be used to identify your vehicle as an easytrip customer. Therefore, it is very important to have the correct vehicle details assigned to your tag.

If your tag fails to read please contact us.

Why will my tag not work?
Tags may not work due to a variety of reasons:

  1. Insufficient funds in your account
  2. Lost or stolen tags
  3. Vehicle details may be incorrect
  4. Closure of account
  5. Battery failure in tag
  6. System failure
Will I get a receipt?

No, your summary statement will provide you with all relevant information.

Why does my tag beep at the toll plaza?
On certain tag models there is a beep sound to indicate that your tag has been detected. Not all tag models have this sound. If your tag beeps this is not an indication of payment.
What happens if I receive a fine for a toll charge on the M50?
If you receive a fine, contact us immediately.
What do the messages on the electronic site at the toll booth mean?
Valid Tag: This means your account is in credit and you may proceed.

Invalid Tag: There is a problem with your account and you must contact us.

Warning Low Balance: This means you have reached your low balance level and your account will soon be credited with your agreed top up amount.

Electric Vehicles
What is the Electric vehicle Toll incentive scheme ?
Beginning on the 1st July 2018, Electric Vehicle owners will qualify for refunds of up to 75% on Irish toll roads.
Do you need a toll tag ?
Yes. The Electric Vehicle Toll Incentive Scheme is only available to vehicles that have a toll tag. Vehicles that have a video tolling account will not qualify for the scheme. To switch to a toll tag account call us on 1890 67 67 68.
What vehicle qualify for the toll incentive scheme?
If your vehicle is not listed here please contact us on 1890 67 67 68 with a copy of your vehicle registration certificate.
How do I join ?
Your vehicle must qualify for the following:

  • A Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) or a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) with CO2 emissions of 80gm per KM or less.
  • An Irish registered vehicle, e.g. appear on the National Vehicle Database file.
  • An electric motorcycle or van (where the gross weight does not exceed 3,500)
  • A small Public Service car, like taxis, will be considered as a private vehicle under this scheme.

Existing customers

If you have an Electric Vehicle that qualifies, you don’t need to do anything. We will automatically apply the discount to your account.

New Customers 

If you don’t have an easytrip Toll Tag account click here or you give us a ring on 1890 67 67 68

How do I receive a refund / rebate ?
Customers  will have to pay the full price of the tolls and at the end of the month your refund / rebate will be credited back onto your account.
What discounts are available?
What are the Peak Time / Off Peak Time ?
What should I do if I change my vehicle?
You will need to remove your tag and place it in the new vehicle. You can contact us for a new tag holder in order to ensure that your tag holds correctly to the new windscreen.

You will need to update your vehicle details (new registration, make, model and color).

You can do this through your online account or contact us.

Remember: Incorrect registration numbers may result in penalty notices being issued to you from the road operators.

What class does my vehicle belong to?
Class 1: Motorcycle
Class 2: Car
Class 3: Bus (< or =25 seats)
Class 4: Bus (>25 seats)
Class 5: Goods Vehicles/ Commercial Vehicles/ Vans/ Transits/ LGV
Class 6: Goods Vehicle > 3.5t, 2 Axles
Class 7: Goods Vehicle > 3.5t, 3 Axles
Class 8: Goods Vehicles > 3t > = 4 Axles
Car Wash
Is there a monthly fee?
No, there isn’t, it is completely free to have it on your tag and you will get a discount every time you use it. It is an option on the tag that can be used if a customer chooses.
Are any vehicles restricted?
It is available to all cars and vans that fit in those car washes.
How quickly will the charge appear on my account?
The charge will process the same as a parking charge does, customers can check it themselves online on their account, and will show as “Car Wash” on their monthly statement.
What happens if I press the button and the wash doesn’t start?
We would recommend that you drive through, check whether the machine is out of order or not, call us if there is no issue with the machine, could always check your account online to make sure there is enough credit in the account.
What are the car wash opening times?
This varies by location, Maxol garage’s Car Wash close at 9pm sharp everyday.
What happens if my car is damaged in the car wash?
As with all car washing systems, it is at owner’s risk, if there is damage, initially they would need to contact the company that owns the Car Wash machine – Washtech or contact the Maxol garage straightaway , we are not liable for any damage to a car, we are offering a discount on car washes.
Is there a limit to the special offer discount?
No, once there is enough credit in the account, they can get their car washed as often as they wish.
Can it be turned off my tag?
Yes, although there is no additional charge, it is an option should they want to use it.
Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please email us at info@easytrip.ie or call us on 1890 6767 68

IRL: 1890 67 67 68 | UK: 0844 257 8806

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