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Simply, we work to make every trip that you take, an easytrip!
Easytrip is an Irish company, created to address the Irish motoring market by making journeys as easy as possible. As a joint venture between Egis Projects and Electro Automation, we leverage over 15 years of combined experience in the fields of electronic toll collections, car parking as well as access systems.   We are constantly up-skilling and retraining our employees to ensure that they give you the customer an effective and satisfying customer care experience.
In 2005, Easytrip Services Ireland Ltd, trading as etrip became the first independent provider of electronic tolling services in Ireland.

In 2008, easytrip acquired Eazy Pass from National Toll Roads. Later in 2009, “eTrip” and “EazyPass” were re-branded as Easytrip.

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IRL: 1890 67 67 68 | UK: 0844 257 8806

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