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Exclusive Easytrip EV Driver Discounts

Enjoy massive savings on tolls, parking, car-wash and EV specific insurance only with Easytrip

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Up to 75% Toll Savings

Low Emissions Vehicle Toll Incentive

ev toll discounts

Toll Savings

75% EV Toll Discount

EV drivers can get up to 75% discounts on tolls in Ireland. This is applied directly when they use an Easytrip tag. With other toll tag providers, EV drivers need to apply to avail of benefits, we will just apply it directly as we know you drive an EV. Discounts below:

Easytrip Exclusive

EV-Specific Insurance

We’ll find you the best car insurance rates on the market and include EV-specific features like cable cover and recharge assistance, as well as €100 parking and car wash credit, cover for lost or damaged keys and puncture protection.

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Park Anywhere

VIP Tag Parking

You can use your Easytrip tag and account to park in many places around Ireland. EV drivers will get 3 months free access to this service (but will still need to pay for their parking).

Discount Car Wash

Car Wash

Easytrip customers get a 20% discount on car washes when they use their Easytrip tag Monday to Friday, this will extend to EV customers also.

ev car wash

Questions & Answers

Your top 5 EV questions, answered!

You’ll get up do 75% discounts at tolls all over Ireland. You can see the breakdown of discounts in the tables below.

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Instantly! While other toll tag providers will charge the full amount and refund you, we just take the discounted charge from your account.

On top of a competitive price, we offer €300 worth of benefits, including €100 car wash and parking credit, key care, puncture cover, and breakdown assistance. Specific to EVs, we offer cable cover, and battery recharging anywhere in Ireland.

In most of the car parks we operate in, your tag will beep to lift the barrier and the cost of parking will come off your account. In car parks without a barrier and on-street, you can use our app to activate parking.

At participating Maxol car washes, you will find an Easytrip button on the machine as you pull up to the car wash. Simply hit this and it will read your tag and the cost will come off your account. The 20% discount will be instantly applied.

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